January 26th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Liz's actually getting minorly injured in one of the Big Balls Of Violence Lynn loves so much instills an uncharacteristic feeling of remorse in Michael.

(Strip Number 6172, Original Publication Date, 29 January 1989)

Panel 1: Things get touched off because Mike gets all territorial about who gets to use his computer and, having discovered Liz touching it for some reason, angrily asks her who told her she could touch his stuff.

Panel 2: Instead of waiting for an answer, he and Liz form one of those stupid Big Balls Of Violence that Lynn loves to show us without considering the broader implications of having a husky sixth-grader trying to dismantle his baby sister.

Panel 3: He pushes her out of his room and tells her to stay out.

Panel 4: Ticked-off Mike slams the door.

Panel 5: It appears that Liz was about to head back in the room to tell Mike that Mom said it was okay for her to use his computer. This is because she screams in pain because Mike unknowingly slammed the door on her hand.

Panel 6: About an hour or so later, we find Elly and the kids in a hospital waiting room waiting for Liz to be seen by the attending physician.

Panel 7: Mike and Elly look on as the doctor puts a dressing on Liz's finger.

Panel 8: Since this is the Sundayverse and the Sundayverse Pattersons are better people, Mike is actually sorry about losing his temper and hurting a sad and crying Liz.

Panel 9: Liz tells Michael that things will be all right because her finger won't hurt forever.

Panel 10: As they walk to the car, Michael thinks to himself that his memory will; he knows this.

Summary: Perhaps Sundayverse Michael can have his own epic rap battle with Dailyverse Michael about what a craptacular jerk of brother he is. Sundayverse Michael is capable of remorse and learning to an extent regular Michael isn't.