January 18th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 20 January 2018

We end the week with John being too stupid to admit that he married someone who simply can't allow herself to relax. Ah, well. Time to remind ourselves that Liz is on the outside looking in social-life wise.

(Strip Number 5083, Original Publication Date, 21 January 1989)

Panel 1: Later that day, we find John telling Elly that it's good to see her kick back and relax with a good book. When he asks her what she's reading, she tells him that it's a book Doctor Anthony recommended about stress management because he says that she gets involved in too many things.

Panel 2: She says that it's a terrific book and that she knows a lot of people who could benefit from it. She then pretty much makes the following two panels redundant by saying that she bets that she could get a really good discussion group together.

Panel 3: She puts her coat on so she can head to Connie's because she thinks her pal knows someone who can get a workshop going.

Panel 4: When she says that maybe they can form a committee to figure out how to relieve the stress from attending too many committees, John says that he gives up. This saddens him because he was this close to perhaps narcotizing away her baffling talking up the need to be appreciated for what she does like it's not what she was put on the Earth for.

Summary: This is yet another reminder that Elly is far more interested in marrying an evil than ending it because she has a desperate need to feel needed and valued and it gets in the way of the relaxation she sees as a reward that she cannot really enjoy. Also, it would probably fucking kill John to admit that crazy woman hormones aren't why Elly would like to be thanked for what she does like she was a person or something.