January 13th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 15 January 2018

John is forced to feed Elly a straight line that leads to bad wordplay about having to head yet another committee.

(Strip Number 5078, Original Publication Date, 16 January 1989)

Panel 1: Now that she's home, John asks Elly how her meeting went and she tells that she's chairing another committee.

Panel 2: When he asks her to clarify, she tells him it's an ad hoc committee.

Panel 3: He then uses dialogue more suited to Michael or Lizzie than to a grown man when he asks her what an 'ad hoc' committee is.

Panel 4: She speaks to him as if he's a child whose brain she's trying to protect from being corrupted by actual knowledge by telling him that it's the gagging noise you make when you find out you've talked yourself into chairing another committee.

Summary: The problem with stupid wordplay like this is that making people live in a world of misinformation tends to make it hard for them to cope with the real world. I should say that half of Liz's trouble in school stems from her having a head stuffed full of whimsical gibberish about angels who paint leaves.