January 12th, 2018

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 14 January 2018

We take a break from Elly reeling from the revelation that she simply cannot in good conscience relax so that we can have her try to hector Farley into accepting his status as family pet.

(Strip Number 6738, Original Publication Date, 15 January 1989)

Panel 1: We start things off with Farley walking past his dog food like he's this snob in a fur coat and rejecting it and stuff that no real dog has ever done.

Panel 2: He then makes an inappropriately human-sounding "Aaaaaahh" noise as he lays down on the sofa.

Panel 3: having noticed that he's on the couch, Elly stupidly asks him why he forgot that he's not supposed to be there.

Panel 4: She tells him that her sandwich is not for him but the mound of pet food is.

Panel 5: Since Elly is too stupid to remember that she and the others unintentionally trained Farley to eat table scraps, she's puzzled by his angrily rejecting his can of Alpo.

Panel 6: Well-Meaning Incompetent Idiot Pet Owner Elly reminds us why Farley is a shaggy mess when she does something really futile, silly and stupid and tries bargaining with him. We launch into Operation: Confirmed Failure by having her get all maudlin and telling him that she loves him but has something to tell him that will hurt his feelings.

Panel 7: She then tells him that he is a dog and always will be one.

Panel 8: She concludes by saying the rule is that dogs sleep on the floor and eat dog food.

Panel 9: Instead of the generalizing memory people have, dogs have an associative memory. This means that Farley associates the tone of voice Elly was using with something about to be denied him and does something he remembers gets results by closely emulating a human being who's disappointed and sad.

Panel 10: Since Elly will die thinking that Farley is a person in a suit, she screws him up yet again by letting him on the couch, feeding him part of her sandwich and declaring to herself that some rules were meant to be broken because she feels sorry for him when she really shouldn't.

Summary: It would probably kill Lynn to have to admit that Farley was responding to the tone of Elly's voice because her words were simply noise to him. As I've said too many times before, having to admit that as a dog, he can't understand English but can associate a certain tone of voice with something being denied to him means that she cannot accomplish an impossible goal and is thus cruel and heartless and unfair.