December 25th, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 27 December 2017: You've brought shame on yer people, Laura.

As I've said before, today's strip goes a looooooong way towards explaining why I hate Laura. Simply put, her being a uniquely graceless and unsympathetic host is angrily denounced and this leads Mike being turfed outside for rudeness because he is honest about hating dealing with the Worst Hosts In The WWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRLLLLLLLLLLLLD!

(Strip Number 5069, Original Publication Date: 1988-12-28

Panel 1: As John and Elly glower at Bev, we see why they're glowering heading down the hallway with one of her dolls in her arms making a point of stomping on Mike's foot because having to take his needs into consideration is a cruel imposition or some such nonsense. He tells her "HEY!! WATCH IT!!" and Miss THANG replies by telling him to move his stoopid feet. Since Laura seems to have either convinced herself or somehow been convinced that Mike chose to sleep in the hallway because he was too big a jerk to bed down with the girls, the arch, pious smile on her face is rather easy to explain, isn't it?

Panel 2: This was a mistake because his frustration at being packed off to the middle of nowhere to endure shitting in a bucket in the basement for two days and press-ganged into being a farm worker by his asshole uncle because his idiot parents made a huge mistake has boiled over. This adds an extra hint of rage to his pointing out that it's not HIS fault that he has to sleep in her stoopid hallway.

Panel 3: He then frightens the crap out of her by telling her about all of the other things he hates: having only two channels on the box, crapping into a bucket, the ugly furnishings in her house and, yes, having to spend Christmas break in her stoopid house working as an unpaid farmhand in the first place. Reason: when she's a sassy twit to someone, they usually have to lump it.

Panel 4: Someone else's (*coughEllycough*) reaction to his being "rude to" (which is to say 'honest with') the snotty little heifer was to send him outside in the cold so that he can muse on the fact that honesty isn't always the best policy.

Summary: We get a fair idea as to who sent him outside tomorrow when Bev is the one who notices how miserable Elly has made everyone. She might have stood aside when Danny and Elly kicked Mike out for making Laura cry but she knows that they've inflicted harm on him for a dumb reason.