December 20th, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 22 December 2017

Elly starts to regret things when her ability to issue forth decrees goes bye-bye and also because it's becoming obvious that John's sister might not be all that smart a person.

(Strip Number 5065, Original Publication Date, 23 December 1988)

Panel 1: Having noticed that the dog and some of the barnyard what are supposed to be cats are in the living room, Elly starts behaving as if she owns the joint and asks Laura what the dog is doing inside and orders Lizzie to put the kittens back where they belong. Given that they aren't housebroken and that the dog is scratching itself to an alarming degree, we're looking at Elly being right for a wrong reason because she's more worried about being disobeyed than stepping in dog shit or getting the gift of mange.

Panel 2: Elly's reaction is one of horror when Lizzie tells her that Bev said it was okay because they're helpin'desecrate the tree. This is because it just occurred to her that living in Bev's house not only means abiding by Bev's rules but also being shouted down when trying to act like she owns the place.

Panel 3: As a round-about means of trying to get Bev to see how terrible it is that her whim is no longer law under another person's roof, Elly whines about how there are sixteen of them in the house what with the pets, the grandparents and the Pattersons before declaring the situation ridiculous. In my opinion, Elly is ridiculous for not pointing out that stepping in crap, having things knocked over and ending up saddling everyone with a monstrous tick infestation because you wanna go "Aw, sweet. It's just like on TV" is a ridiculous thing to do.

Panel 4: Bev recks not for Elly's feeling of discomfort and horror and blithely tells her "That's Christmas." The realization that Bev is as dim and blind to her concerns as Danny is alarms and confuses Elly no end.

Summary: It would appear that Bev isn't much smarter than her husband or brother. She gave into stupid demands by stupid kids to do stupid things because she's as sentimental and blind as the idiot mother who subjected Mike to this idiocy in the first place. Also, if Elly wanted to spend Christmas running around yelling "I'M IN CHARGE!! I'M IN CHARGE!!!" like she always does, she should have stayed home where she can get away with that.