December 4th, 2017


Wednesday, 06 December 2017

Today Mike heads outside to talk to Martha face-to-face, which is something that should have happened at the very beginning of this story, instead of all this silly note business.

(Strip Number 1506, Original Publication Date, 07 December 1988)

Panel 1: Mike and Martha decide to talk to each other and decide the best time to do this is in a snow storm.  Fill in the joke about how if you are Canadian and you want to talk outside, you don’t have any choice about that.  Michael is not wearing a hat because, you know, hair!!  Martha reiterates what she said in her note about apologizing for everything.  Mike responds with the closest a Patterson can get to forgiveness, “That’s, uh, OK.”

Panel 2: Martha takes the lead one more time by asking, “Can we make up an’ start again?”  Mike gives the solid and unabashed affirmative answer of “Sure.  I guess so.”    This kid is so wishy-washy, he is going to give Charlie Brown a run for his money.

Panel 3: We see Mike and Martha holding hands and marching together.   This takes me back to their summer camp marching.  It was romantic in a strange military way.  I will bet that Martha was the one who took Mike’s hand.  Lynn Johnston is after a wishy-washy Michael and just in case we are still not getting the Charlie Brown reference, Michael thinks Charlie’s catchphrase, “Good grief!”  Michael continues on, “I’m actually making up with her! – Why in the world am I doing this?!!” Because she is the Foob version of the little red-headed girl from Peanuts that Charlie Brown loved.   That’s the reason!!  I bet Sparky loved this storyline, once he got over the plagiarism part.

Panel 4: Then Martha leans in for the kiss.   She is making all the moves and for once Michael is not fighting it.   His mind thinks, “Oh”, but his lips say, “Kiss her you blockhead!  I just can't stand it!  This is December.  We could have been kissing this girl since September if you weren’t such a blockhead!”

Summary: dreadedcandiru2 is back tomorrow and the earth rejoices.  Get ready for a trip to the Cruikshank farm, home to salt-of-the-earth, one-with-the-land people; who demonstrate once again that farm folks are the worst hosts in the world.