November 24th, 2017


Sunday, 26 November 2017

Meanwhile back to everyone’s favourite dog to torture, Farley the dog.

(Strip Number 6760, Original Publication Date, 27 November 1988)

Panel 1: The sound of WHRRRRRR causes one eye of Farley the dog to open.

Panel 2: The sound of CLICK SCRAPE SCRAPE causes Farley the dog to wander towards the sound with dandruff flying everywhere.

Panel 3: A SNIFF and little tiny SCRAPE and Farley’s food is ready for the dog bowl.

Panel 4: The sound of “Dinner’s Ready!!” and Farley the dog suddenly forgets his dog food in favour of Elly’s food and… Wait a Minute!  Farley the dog doesn’t eat his dog food in one gulp and only then go seeking after table scraps?  That and the giant mouth that goes past his eye makes me wonder if this is not really a dog.

Panel 5: The sounds of Pattersnarfing are heard where you would expect Farley would be eating very well from all the food scraps flying through the air.

Panel 6: Elly takes the dishes from the table, because everyone knows that Elly’s family cannot possibly take the dishes from the table themselves to help her out.  Farley follows closely and unlike a real dog, manages not to trip her.

Panel 7:  SCRAPE SCRAPE SCRAPE as the leftovers go straight to the trash.

Panel 8:  SLAM! as Elly knees the trash can shut.

Panel 9:  Farley’s comedy expression is intended to make this whole joke work and instead makes me think Farley has grown a giant walrus moustache as he goes in for his close up.

Panel 10:  Farley finishes the dinner a real dog would have finished back in Panel 4

Summary: This is one of those strips where you have to ignore the past.  First of all, Elly doesn’t throw leftovers in the trash.  She eats them herself, but hopes to give them to the dog.

Second of all, Elly is wildly inconsistent about whether Farley gets the leftovers or not:

Third of all, this is Elly food we are talking about and it is so terrible that oftentimes Farley can’t eat it, or only eats part of it.