November 17th, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Before we transition from my "Aaron dudes himself up to impress the 'wrong' girls" to howtheduck taking another look at they're actually the wronged girls because Lynn wrote love notes to a boy who just wasn't in to her so it's okay that Mike's an emotional abuser playing head games, here's yet another example of him being too fucking stupid to understand why Elly is always angry about the horrible state he and Lizzie leave the rec room in.

(Strip Number 6755, Original Publication Date, 20 November 1988)

Panel 1: We start things off with Lynn revisiting her hatred of the evil that is chewing gum by having Elly go all goggle-eyed in horror because Lizzie left a wad of it on the televison set in the family room.

Panel 2: Elly's conclusion is that Lizzie must be saving it.

Panel 3: She then notices that the kids have been jumping on the couch again; this means that she'll have to sew the cushions back up instead of doing something 'futile' like telling them that she feels angry about having to clean up after them.

Panel 4: She then fishes out three soda cans, two jelly beans, potato chips and a store-brand Twizzler from under a couch cushion.

Panel 5: This is followed by her noticing that the upset bowl of popcorn she just cleaned up is accompanied by a butter stain on the coffee table.

Panel 6: A little while later, Mike notices that for some reason, Mom is boiling with rage again and asks what's the matter; what's the matter is that she just cleaned up the family room.

Panel 7: She then glares angrily at him about how depressed she is about having to in there as a means of getting him to understand how angry she is at him and Lizzie for treating her so cavalierly and behaving as if she's nothing more that a machine that's built solely to clean up after them.

Panel 8: It looks as if he's getting the point when he agrees that he too gets depressed.

Panel 9: The problem is that he's too dumb to understand what Elly means and says that if she were to get some decent furniture in their, everyone's problems would go away. This means that he's not going to understand her look of angered shock either.

Summary: This sort of shit probably made Aaron's life pretty damned difficult. Here he was, trying to live in this world and all people were allowed to know was that he's this selfish idiot who doesn't care about his mother in the least. If we were to ask how long he's supposed to suffer for who he was when he was five, I'd say that Lynn's death will be his only release.