November 10th, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Once again, Lizzie's blank-witted inability to remember that Elly resents having to pick up the winter clothing she and Mike thoughtlessly leave on the floor is used as fodder for a strip.

(Strip Number 6737, Original Publication Date, 4 December 1988)

Panel 1: We begin a weekend morning with Lizzie in her nightgown yelling happily as she looks out the window.

Panel 2: She tells everyone to look out the window because it's snowing.

Panel 3: Farley rushes out after Lizzie as she continues to happily chant that it's snowing.

Panel 4: Lizzie makes a snowball.

Panel 5: As Elly folds a towel, Lizzie shows her the snowball she made and says to look at the first snow of the season.

Panel 6: When Lizzie tells Elly that pretty soon, they'll be able to make snowmen, she doesn't realize that Elly's looking at Farley as he shakes himself dry all over her clean laundry.

Panel 7: As Lizzie gushes about she's been waiting all year for it to snow because now, she'll be able to enjoy all the winter activities like skating and toboganning that Elly fears and hates because she hates cold weather, she thoughtlessly takes off her coat and mittens without regard to whose job it is to put them away.

Panel 8: We end the strip with the visual image of Elly glaring in horror as Lizzie yet again peeled herself out of her snow gear without putting it away carefully like a good daughter who loves her mother is supposed to. Since Lizzie's brain is tiny, she wouldn't understand Elly's inevitable horrified, despairing reaction to her saying "Just think!! This is only the beginning!!" even if she saw it. This is because she assumes that winter clothes pick themselves up and snow mops itself up. What a Lynn or an Elly lose sight of is that this is not because she's an evil monster who lives to see her mother in pain but a grinning nitwit who doesn't get this 'cause and effect' thing people tell her about.

Summary: Given that Katie has children who are "leave their stuff on the floor because they blank out on the fact that the person who picks it up resents it" age, we can probably expect Lynn to crow about how angry her daughter is at Laura and Name Escapes Me for doing to her what she did to Lynn.