October 30th, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

We end the Halloween arc with Michael and Lizzie oppressing Elly by using exact words to gobble down the candy whose existence somehow proves that Elly is a bad parent who should be publicly executed for failure.

(Strip Number 5041, Original Publication Date, 1 November 1988)

Panel 1: It's the first day of November so, of course, we find the kids just plain pigging out on candy as a despairing and horrified Elly looks on as if their doing so means that they want to stab her in the heart and laugh cruelly as she dies. Since Mike never quite figured out that he and Lizzie hate love and happiness and mothers and kindness, he reminds her that she told them both to save this for another day last night and here it is, another day.

Summary: One can imagine that tomorrow's conversation with Connie will be prefaced by her anguished wails about how greedy and selfish the kids are, not saving their candy long enough for her to throw it the Hell out so she can avoid temptation. Ah, well. Time for Dirk to make his last star turn so we can be reminded that Connie is a disastrous, self-absorbed and moronic failure as a parent again.