October 8th, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Since Lynn is angry with her children because they dared to ask her to come out of the den and be their mother for a while, Pouting Annoyance Lizzie blames a lazy mother for her own refusal to do things for herself.

(Strip Number 5030, Original Publication Date, 11 October 1988)

Panel 1: Day Two of Elly's campaign to get Lizzie to assume more responsibility seems to not be going especially well. Despite being told that all the makings for her lunch are on the counter so she can make what she wants, Liz sulks and growls "I know" because she wants Elly to make what she wants because Mommies who LOVE their children just plain drop everything like they do on television.

Panel 2: Reminding her that if she doesn't act, she'll go hungry does nothing to spur Lizzie on. All Lizardbreath does is scowl an even angrier scowl because Mommy CLEARLY hates her and wants her to either starve to death or become some sort of oppressed slave who does nothing but bake cookies, darn socks and dust furniture.

Panel 3: A few hours later, we find Dawn noticing that all Lizzie brought to lunch was a banana and asks why.

Panel 4: Since the dumb kid wants to blame everyone but herself because that's what Pattersons do, she snippily declares that ELLY was the one too lazy to make it.

Summary: We switch from Lizzie not wanting to admit that Elly is trying to help her in her own flatfooted way to being piss-poor at socializing because she's an extension of someone who was bad at what she's probably going to call schoolyard politics.