October 5th, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 7 October 2017

We end the week with Elly not being smart enough to understand how little the children understand about money.

(Strip Number 5028, Original Publication Date, 8 October 1988)

Panel 1: As they leave the mall, Elly totes up the butcher's bill as she reminds herself that she's bought them both a complete new winter wardrobe from boots, jackets and ski pants down to the thermal underwear that always God-damned rides up no matter how you adjust it.

Panel 2: As she shudders in horror about how so few items of clothes cost $589.76, Lizzie looks in the bag in order to find something nice and fun instead of just boring old clothes.

Panel 3: The first panel of the Mommy-buy-me martyrdom festival has Lizzie ask "Mom?" and Elly ask "What is it?"

Panel 4: Lizzie points to what's probably a toy store and asks Super-Gobsmacked Mommy if she can get her and Michael something.

Summary: You'd kind of hate to be Marian right about now, wouldn't you? There you are, you're not feeling well and for some reason, your daughter phones in a panic about how children groan when they get underwear for Christmas. When you try reminding her that she was like that, you get a face full of "But that's DIFFERENT!!!! I'M BUYING IT!!!" and you don't want to admit that Jim is maybe right about your kid being a cretin.