September 24th, 2017


Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Back for another week of the Mike and Martha saga.

(Strip Number 1350, Original Publication Date, 26 September 1988)

Panel 1: I will address the first issue that appears.  Yes, in the 1980s, suspenders were popular.  Quoting from this:

Mork from Ork of Mork & Mindy (see the picture) reignited the fad for suspenders when he popularized rainbow-striped, clip-on suspenders with his wacky outfits. While suspenders no longer were necessary to hold up pants, their presence was strong when worn over a tuxedo-front t-shirt.  The 80’s kept the trend going strong, as suspenders joined the parade of clothing offered in a variety of pastel and/or neon colors.

Unfortunately for Martha, instead of adopting that 1980s style Lynn seems to have preferred to draw Martha as more like suspenders on clown pants (see picture).

As to content, when we last left Michael, we saw that he was angry that Martha had told her friends about their camp relationship.  Apparently that has gotten back to Martha as she thinks, “There’s Michael.  I wonder if he’s still mad at me.”  This implies that unless she seeks him out, she doesn’t see Michael in school.   It also tells us that Michael’s anger managed to make its way out of his thought balloons and back to Martha.   That is most impressive.

Panel 2: Lynn has apparently forgotten how to draw freckles.  It’s like Martha has two zits traveling up on her face leaving a trail behind them, as she thinks, “I’ll just casually walk by his locker and if he looks at me in a certain way, I’ll know if he’s still mad at me.”  What is this?  How about you judge his mood from the fact he hasn’t talked to you?  Nevertheless, how would Martha judge this look?  Does she expect Michael to glower at her if she walks by?

Panel 3: Then Martha grows enormously long legs to do this walk.  Adults are generally 8 heads tall.  Martha is 10 heads tall in this panel.   I guess if you going to do a walk for checking Patterson anger, you need the longest legs possible.

Panel 4: Michael manages to stick his head and all of his upper body into his locker up to his chest.  Just how deep are these lockers?  When I had a locker in school, it was long enough to fit a text book in if it was placed sideways.  Martha quips “This isn’t exactly eye contact.” As for me, it reminds me of the classic scene from Ace Ventura, Pet Detective:

Summary: Can Martha tells Mike’s mood from his bottom?  Will she able to ass(k) him that question?  Will he raise a stink if she does?  Or will he become the butt of her jokes?  Will she able to get behind his answer, if he turns the other cheek?   She may just think he is nothing but a bum.