September 22nd, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Lynn panders to the section of the fanbase that loves treacly nonsense when The Mother wishes that we could join The Daughter in seeing the world through balloon-coloured glasses.

(Strip Number 6734, Original Publication Date, 25 September 1988)

Panel 1: We start things off with Lizzie giving a sleeping Farley a funny look as she blows up an orange balloon.

Panel 2: Since only garbage person snarker troll people who care about the wrong things worry about Farley, it's obvious that when she makes a point of scaring him awake by popping the balloon, feeling sorry for the dog means that we really want refugees in war zones to die of world diseases.

Panel 3: He watches as he inflates a yellow balloon.

Panel 4: He looks on curiously as she looks through the yellow balloon.

Panel 5: She tells Farley that when she looks through the yellow balloon, the whole world looks yellow.

Panel 6: She tells Farley that the red balloon she's got in front of her face makes everything look warm and red.

Panel 7: The blue balloon she's holding now not only makes the world look blue, it makes HER feel blue as well.

Panel 8: She panics Farley by popping The Blue Balloon Of Despair.

Panel 9: As she holds the red balloon backup to her face, she tells Farley that it makes everything look warm and nice again.

Panel 10: Watching Lizzie be the mildly ditzy but essentially good-hearted little girl she actually is when she's not hampered by jealousy or self-hatred wakes a wistful Elly wish everyone could see the world through balloon-colored glasses

Summary: You want to know what I wish. Not only do I wish that we're probably staring down the barrel of Lynn complaining about people who complain that Farley might swallow the balloons and hurting himself badly, I also wish that the sort of person who pastes this sort of thing on her fridge for a pick-me up cared enough about the strip in general to learn these people's names and histories.