August 28th, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

The next part of the "Teenagers Are MOOOOOONSTERS Show" reminds us of why Michael fails in life when he fails to anticipate that Elly will inevitably take violent umbrage to being disrespected because they don't act like that on network television.

(Strip Number 5011, Original Publication Date, 30 August 1988)

Panel 1: As she holds the kids' lunches in her hand, Elly remembers enough about Mike to realize that he needs a spotter to breathe. This is why she has to remind him hurry up or he'll miss his bus (which he's done before) as well as to NOT forget his locker money or to head out of the house with his shoes untied.

Panel 2: Mister Big Man proves my point about his having the sparkling wit of a can of Spackle when he infuriates Elly by telling her that he knows what he's doing (which is, of course, a lie) so she shouldn't get her panty-hose in a knot (which would have gotten him backhanded in my house).

Panel 3: She reacts the way one would expect of her by grabbing him by the shirt-front and unhinging her jaws as she yells that she isn't one of the greasy nitwits he hangs out with. She's his mother and she deserves respect.

Panel 4: Astonished By The Eminently Predictable Mike reminds us that he's a pinhead by thought-bubbling "Strange....they don't react that way on television." (Hint: he could also easily have said that she doesn't do that when Daddy talks like that.)

Summary: This, I think, is why dim-bulb Elly thinks of pea-brain Mike as a dangerous rebel. Simply put, she's too stupid to understand what letting television raise her son by default did to him. Also, she sure didn't mind being insulted on other occasions. Case in point: she let him walk all over her when she wanted to wear a pair of Bermuda shorts while gardening.