August 26th, 2017


Monday, 28 August 2017

I hand things back over todreadedcandiru2 tomorrow because today's strip is the last one where we talk about Mike and Martha for a few weeks.

(Strip Number 1337, Original Publication Date, 27 August 1988)

Panel 1:   Because he is not actually allowed to taunt Mike (for some reason), the only thing Brian Enjo says today is “The buses are gonna leave!  Where the heck is Mike?!?”  If the buses were truly about to leave, then Brian Enjo would be on a bus with his camp stuff loaded on it.   Besides, we already know Martha would be riding the same bus as the boys, since she came in on the same bus as the boys.  I wonder when it was Lynn Johnston decided Martha went to the same school, same grade, and was in the same general neighbourhood as Mike.  It was clearly not here.

Pale Lawrence gestures over his shoulder at Mike and Martha in silhouette behind the camp building also in silhouette.  No doubt Mike and Martha think if they are in silhouette they can’t be seen, but Pale Lawrence has excellent eyesight.  Nevertheless, it seems clear the positive part of being a silhouette is that the boys did not see the kissing from Saturday’s strip or they would be going crazy talking about it.

Panel 2: With Martha behind him giving Mike a “You go, boy!” arm gesture, Pale Lawrence questions how long it took Michael to say goodbye to Martha and suggests Mike may have proposed to her.   When you think about Pale Lawrence’s history with his mother during her days when she was sleeping with almost any man who breathed, I can see why this might be a problem for him.

Lawrence:  Mom! What’s taking you so long getting out of bed?  I need a ride to school.

Connie:  Nothing honey.  It’s just I was so good last night Joe was proposing to me.

Lawrence:  Not again.  Did you say, “Yes”?

Connie:  No honey.  Joe works in construction.  I need a doctor or a banker.

As it turns out, in his real proposal Michael does take a long time.  Here is where he starts:

And here is where he ends.  In typical Michael Patterson fashion he can’t shut his mouth long enough to hear the answer.

Comparatively speaking, this is a typical proposal length for this bunch, although everyone else listens better than Mike.

Panel 3: The big blond guy leans in with “Ooh, the passion!  Ooh, the romance!” little suspecting that Michael just finished making out with Martha, so there was actually passion and romance.  Pale Lawrence goes past the physical and asks Michael, “What’s it like to be in love, Mike?!!

Panel 4: Michael pats Lawrence on the head like a dog. Woof!  He doesn’t answer that question.  Mike is in love with Martha and we will see that relationship run on for another four years.  He lays on a zinger with “Someday, guys, you’ll be mature enough to understand.”  Truly from this point on, Michael is no longer a poor man’s Dennis the Menace.

Summary: Here we say goodbye to the unnamed big blond kid with glasses, who will never appear again in the comic strip.  I had wondered if Lynn Johnston would drop a note about him, explaining how she was trying him out as a new character for the strip, or anything at all about him.  Unless we get a Lynn’s Note today doing that, then kiss him goodbye!  Bye!  Unnamed big blond kid with glasses.