August 13th, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 14 August 2017

We transition towards the Martha era with Lizzie delivering a Hallmark card sentiment about memories.

(Strip Number 1333, Original Publication Date, 13 August 1988)

Panel 1: As the day ends, we find ourselves at a campfire. As she looks up at the night sky, Dawn tells Lizzie that it's a beautiful night before asking if she wished she had a video camera.

Panel 2: Lizzie says that she does.

Panel 3: She then drives home a point Lynn likes to make a lot by saying that it's the one in her head.

Summary: While it's sort of sweet and all that to have a child's memory of an event be lauded, it couldn't come from a worse person given Lynn's tendency to distort the past. Also, while Lizzie is having a fine old time because she's willing to make friends, someone else isn't. This leads to something stupid.