August 12th, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 13 August 2017

In today's strip, we find that yes, there actually is a price-tag on childhood memories because Lynn can only see another child's toys as garbage she has to pick up.

(Strip Number 6730, Original Publication Date, 14 August 1988)

Panel 1: We start things off with Elly 'carefully' going through Lizzie's closet for 'useless' items to contribute to a yard sale. This sort of establishes what we're to be hit over the head with: Lynn's seeming belief that children only want to have toys around to mess with and hurt their poor mothers.

Panel 2: She smiles a contented smile because she's saved the children from all that useless clutter they don't need and only pretend to want because she had to say good-bye to her toys when she grew up.

Panel 3: Conflict ensues when the children arrive on scene. When Mike asks what's in the box, Elly explains that it's stuff for Annie's yard sale.

Panel 4: Lizzie grabs a clown doll out of the box and tells her that she cannot sell Mr Woggo.

Panel 5: Elly stands there trying to figure out WHY Mike would be upset that she's saving him from the old books he's had for years and never read.

Panel 6: She's even more baffled by being told that she cannot simply sell their things without consulting them.

Panel 7: Mike delivers a speech about how special the useless junk that Elly doesn't like is and how she can't simply sell their childhood out from under them.

Panel 8: Elly tells the kids that Annie will let them keep the money from anything they sell.

Panel 9: As they assimilate this fact, Mike and Lizzie look at one another for a second.

Panel 10: Since Mike's actual concern was that Elly would sell his shit and leave him with nothing in return like his name is "April" or something, Dimwit Elly rolls her eyes in frustration when he tells Liz to comb through the rec room for more to sell.

Summary: We can probably expect notes that allude as to how it always frustrated Lynn that her offsprings wanted their living spaces to reflect their personalities instead of looking as if no one had ever lived there or ever would. Reason: Lynn's need to see her kids as adversaries tends to colour how she sees their belongings. Just as she hears the words 'junk food' or 'sugar cereal' when they say brand names, all she sees when she looks at someone else's toy is crap that's in her way because she thinks that she lives to bust their asses, they live to bust hers.