July 17th, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Mike gets Brian to stay on message as regards being a dick to his kid sister because life isn't supposed to be rational and easy and smart.

(Strip Number 1316, Original Publication Date, 18 July 1988)

Panel 1: We switch our attention back to Mike's poorly ventilated clubhouse of being stupid boys. As Mike takes off his t-shirt, Brian complains that it's very hot (as evidenced by his quoting an interior temperature that would convert them into monoatomic gas) and they should just get outta there like people with brains.

Panel 2: Since Mike is not equipped with a properly functioning brain, he says "No dice" because if they do, Lizzie and the girls will rush in and "win" baking their brains like idiots inside a box with no cross-ventilation. He saw the big box of heat-stroke first and it's his.

Panel 3: After Lynn reminds us that she thinks a boy is a stupid creature that mangles the language by having Brian louse up "We could die of heat prostration", he tells Mike that what he's doing makes no sense at all.

Panel 4: As Mike scans the horizon for the implacable enemy bent on his total annihilation (or, worse than that, his having to voluntarily share things) that is Lizzie, he sullenly declares that this is war and it's not supposed to make sense.

Summary: I've no real idea what today's notes will be. Either she'll make a sweeping generalization about the world that reminds us of her facile ignorance of it (I think this is probably what we're going to see), slam her kids or boast about getting other people's children to fight each other. All I know is that Mike is a rather bad influence on Brian and deserves to get tossed under the bus by Brian's mother. Someone in town has to lay the smack-down on a dumb kid dragging their kid into the shit and we know it ain't gonna be Elly.'

ETA: In hindsight, aprilp_katje is right on the money about how behaviour this teeth-rattlingly stupid HAD to have been inspired by Lindy "Rebel Without A Brain" Ridgway's being the most boring psycho child on the planet.