July 16th, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 16 July 2017

Complaining about Mike and Brian being bog-standard dickweed older brothers leads to a reminder that Lynn dismisses most men as selfish children who get in the way of busy women.

Strip Number 4996, Original Publication Date, 15 July 1988

Panel 1: When Dawn asks why all boys are creeps like Mike and his flunky Brian, Lizzie dunno.

Panel 2: Dawn screams that she's never, EVER gonna have a boyfriend because who could like someone like THEM?

Panel 3: We set up the punchline by Dawn declaring that the only time she's ever gonna like them is when they grow up.

Panel 4: Lizzie says that she's got news; her mom says that they never do.

Summary: On the down side, we have more default misandry from Lynn. On the plus side, she finally realized that Liz and Dawn should be besties. Also, I'm starting to realize why Carol gleefully threw Mike under the bus. To her, he might as well be have the words "BAD INFLUENCE" stenciled on his shirtfront.