July 11th, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

The Pattersons dragoon Greg and Connie into helping them get the refrigerator into the house.

(Strip Number 1312, Original Publication Date, 12 July 1988)

Panel 1: Since Lynn doesn't seem to have actually seen her new refrigerator get installed and thus probably doesn't know what a dolly is, we start off with a group of silhouettes straining to get the fridge into the house.

Panel 2: We next see a sweating John thanking Greg and Connie for helping them while not-at-all sweaty director of traffic Elly helps them rehydrate. Greg says "Any time" in response.

Panel 3: They part amicably enough.

Panel 4: As the two of them clutch their sore backs, Greg tells Connie to do him a favor and ask what the Pattersons actually want the next time they ask if the two of them are busy.

Summary: Elly and John remind me of a parting one-liner at the end of an episode of Law & Order wherein some corrupt idiot told the DA that he could use a friend and the DA shot back that this was the man's problem. Also, this sort of whack-a-doo crap does seem to nicely confirm howtheduck's suspicion that Lynn spent the reno holed up in her fantasy capsule.