July 9th, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 10 July 2017: Along Came A Gordo, Day Six.

We end this arc on a rather dark note when Elly has them set the spider free only to have Farley eat it so that we can hammer home the other premise: "Elly is never allowed to have anything she wants to happen happen."

(Strip Number 4995, Original Publication Date, 9 July 1998)

Panel 1: Now that they've got the spider out of the microwave, they ask Always Angry Elly what to do with it. She glowers and growls "Put it outside."

Panel 2: She then makes an angry declaration that they have to SET IT FREE!!! because they were about to do something cruel and horrible to something that has as much right to live as they do.

Panel 3: Farley watches as the kids let the spider go on its way.

Panel 4: Since the noises the loud, angry thing that yells at him all the time makes meant nothing to him, he just plain eats the spider.

Summary: Given that malicious infant Lynn is still outraged twenty-nine years after the fact that she didn't receive what she thought would be praise for how she tricked us all by having Farley eat the spider but instead was condemned for wanton cruelty, it seems obvious that we're in for huffing and puffing about that in the notes. We can look forward to begging the question via the appeal to worse problems fallacy.

ETA: I was close. She appealed to the ad hominem fallacy because she can't or won't see that there's a difference between torturing rats with a hack saw to hear them squeal and having a barn owl swoop down and eat one for dinner.