June 24th, 2017

Indignant Candiru

Sunday, 25 June 2017

It's hypocritical humour day today when, after complaining about how Steve spends most of his free time lying down on the couch watching sportsball, Annie says that she can't possibly miss her stories.

(Strip Number 6727, Original Publication Date, 26 June 1988)

Panel 1: We start things off with a pissed-off, scowling Annie carrying Leah as she storms up to the Pattermanse.

Panel 2: She then asks Elly if she's to home because she NEEDS a coffee.

Panel 3: She then screams and says that she can't stand some vague THING and NEEDS to talk to someone.

Panel 4: As Elly plops Leah down for unsupervised play, Annie screams about how Steve is wasting the beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Panel 5: The horrible waste of time consists of his being flat on his back watching baseball instead of doing things with the crap he tracks in.

Panel 6: If it's not baseball he's wasting his life being interested in, it's football. This means that she's now married to a television set.

Panel 7: She then asks Elly what to do because they never talk much any more.

Panel 8: Elly suggests making plans for lunch for two during the week.

Panel 9: Annie asks Elly if she's gone nuts suggesting leaving the house during the week.

Panel 10: When Anne squawks about that's when her soaps are on, Elly looks at us as if to ask us what the Hell is wrong with the dozy woman next door.

Summary: The odd thing about this look at the past is that while there are more and more sporting events on tap these days, soap operas have given away to lifestyle shows, talk shows and infomercials. If this were really set in the present day, Annie should have been talking about not wanting to miss The View.