June 17th, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

Father's Day 2017

Today's sweetish little Father's Day outing is all about how Lizzie is Daddy's Little Girl (until she has to GO AWAY IF SHE CAN'T SMILE).

(Strip Number 6726, Original Publication Date, 19 June 1988)

Panel 1: We find John and Lizzie walking outside on a pleasant June day. When he points out that it's a beautiful day, she agrees.

Panel 2: Since she's seven years old and doesn't have a very big vocabulary, she calls it 'rememberful' so as to stick with the something-ful theme Daddy propounded.

Panel 3: The strip proper begins with her pointing out that when you have a kid, you gotta take what you get. He agrees with this.

Panel 4: She asks him if he's glad he got her; since she has yet to talk about problem hair, he is.

Panel 5: She then asks him "Know what?" which leads to his asking "What?"

Panel 6: The 'what' she wants him to know is that she's glad she got him too.

Panel 7: Since she's really sheltered and doesn't know any better, she'd choose him out of all the daddies in the world.

Panel 8: Since he's a sucker for flattery, he'd choose her too.

Panel 9: This prompts a 'really?' out of her because she's unsure of her place in this world and always has been.

Panel 10: Her declaration that they're lucky someone put them together would be more reassuring were we not aware of the depressing future.

Summary: This is where knowing the future makes nice things like this bad. Knowing that John cannot and will not cope with a bad mood of any kind tends to sap the sweetness out of pleasant moments like this.