June 11th, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 12 June 2017: John Patterson, Canada's Worst Handyman.

Today's selection from the "No, STUPID!!!" department has John 'cleverly' tell Elly that since he's a dentist, he can save the money she wants to just 'fling away stupidly' on a contractor by doing it himself.

(Strip Number 1300, Original Publication Date, 11 June 1988)

Panel 1: Having eyeballed things, John guesstimates that it'll take 20 keys to get the kitchen re-done the way Elly wants it.

Panel 2: John then makes a bid for membership in Possum Lodge by saying that doing it himself is what should happen.

Panel 3: Since Elly remembers how her club-footed dad made a huge mess being just as helpful as John wants to be, she makes the mistake of bruising his oh-so-fragile ego by wanting to have a professional do this.

Panel 4: When he gets all upbeat and brain-dead and tells her "Honey, I'm a dentist....I AM a professional!", she is not ecstatic.

Summary: Could it actually be this simple? Could all of this be the result of Rod acceding to her wishes the wrong way by doing it himself? Is this the same sort of deal that made expert canoeist Alan into blundering idjit Phil?