May 30th, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

We take a break from mourning Thelma to remind ourselves of the strip's core message about how raising children is an endless and unrewarding sacrifice.

(Strip Number 4976, Original Publication Date, 31 May 1988)

Panel 1: Having noticed that Lizzie is looking at something or other in the tree, Mike asks her what's up there; she tells him that it's a nest with four new baby birds.

Panel 2: She then tells him it's a nice nest because it's all lined with down plucked from the mother bird. (For those of you paying attention, she's also telegraphing the punchline.)

Panel 3: She asks him to notice that the big birds spend all their time getting bugs and stuff to feed the baby birds.

Panel 4: This causes Elly to muse on how it's nice to know that she and John are not the only parents who sacrifice for our children.

Summary: There is a vision that leads Elly like a pillar of flame by night and a pillar of smoke by day. It is the vision of a fifty-five year old Mike standing at her graveside denying that she ever had emotional needs or deserved to be treated like a human being because a mother is simply a robot that's supposed to clean up after sons and husbands without complaint. This becomes comic fodder when one remembers that Elly doesn't actually do a Hell of a lot of parenting that I can remember. All she does is stand around yelling about how she's the victim of all victims surpassing all others when confronted with piddly little inconveniences.