May 28th, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

Memorial Day 2017

We continue the arc with a bunch of warm and fuzzy stuff that has Ed talk about how much he's going to miss well as how little time he has before also dying of old age.

(Strip Number 4974, Original Publication Date, 28 May 1988)

Panel 1: We find ourselves back at the Seniors' Complex watching Ed remind Elly that Thelma was the light of his life these last few months. When he reminds her and the audience that they'd even discussed marriage, she states that this is something she knew.

Panel 2: When he consoles himself with the hope of seeing her again in the not-especially-distant future, the realization that he's not immortal freaks Elly the Hell out.

Panel 3: Having realized that the stray Thelma took in is probably about to start blubbering about how his heart should beat forever and ever, Ed tells her not to look at him the way she is. He's eighty six and no one gets to live forever.

Panel 4: Ed goes all creepy uncle on a rather unwilling Elly and tells her that when she does see Thelma again, he'll give her a hug from her.

Summary: THIS, I should think, is why it's sort of stupid for Elly to act like she's the boss of this whole deal. We're dealing with someone who just can't cope with the idea of Ed dying too even though he's been aware of the possibility since long before he'd heard of any of the characters.

Ann Telnaes wins the Reuben

Ann Telnaes wins the Reuben. She is the 4th woman to do so, and the 2nd woman in the last 3 years to do so.  The other finalists for the Reuben Award were Mark Tatulli, Hilary Price, Stephan Pastis, and Lynda Barry.  Lynda Barry took the Milton Caniff award.  Stephan Pastis, once again, did not get a Reuben.

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