April 22nd, 2017

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Elly is aghast when she learns that Lizzie made the Big Stupid Argument she and John had the focus of that day's Show And Tell.

(Strip Number 6721, Original Publication Date, 24 April 1988)

Panel 1: We start things in media res with John responding to Elly's certain over-reaction to something brainlessly insensitive he just said by acting like he's the victim or something.

Panel 2: He acts like a rock colossus of stupid when he turns his back on her when she gives him what for.

Panel 3: He makes some surly comment we don't get to hear as he leaves for work.

Panel 4: As he storms off to the sound of her angry bullcrap, neither infant notices that Lizzie has had to watch them behave like jerks over a non-issue.

Panel 5: He slams the door, she acts like a big scowling jerk and Lizzie wonders if Daddy is going away for good now.

Panel 6: As a traumatized Lizzie heads to the bus stop, it finally occurs to Elly that she and John had an audience when they made ugly fools of themselves over something moronic.

Panel 7: When Lizzie gets home, a penitent Elly tells her that she and Daddy feel really bad about the Big Stupid Fight they had. Lizzie says that she does too.

Panel 8: Elly asks Lizzie if she'd like to talk about it.

Panel 9: Elly is mildly confused when Lizzie says that she already did.

Panel 10: When Lizzie tells her that she talked about the big, dumb argument at show and tell, Elly nearly dies of input failure.

Summary: Today's heavy-handed bit of moralizing reminds me of a PSA we have up here that has a kid listen to a big, stupid fight her parents have and sort of take it to class. If Lynn is aware of it, she'll probably try to take credit for it.