December 31st, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

New Years Day 2017

We begin the year with the children's complaints about having to write thank-you letters leading to a reminder that John's a damned hypocrite who palms things he hates off on Elly because he's the man and gets to do that.

(Strip Number 6165, Original Publication Date, 3 January 1988)

Panel 1: We start off with John gathering together office supplies so as to write a letter or two of some sort.

Panel 2: He then tells the kids that it's THAT time of year again.

Panel 3: We begin hammering away at the key of "Kids Today Are Ungrateful And Entitled Shits" when Mike whines about the boring task of spewing forth groveling gratitude for getting underwear and socks from old people who don't know him at all wellnecessary and good and nice not-at-all boring chore of writing thank-you letters.

Panel 4: John reminds them if people care enough to send a gift, they're owed the courtesy of gratitude.

Panel 5: When Mike asks if they can simply phone people, John says no dice; the proper thing to do is to sit down and write a letter to thank people.

Panel 6: John talks up how people appreciate the caring, personal touch that comes from a hand-written note. Since this is a good message and a valuable lesson to learn, we're left wondering how John is going to do what he and Elly always do in times like this and totally subvert it and make the kids believe it even less than they do now.

Panel 7: Lizzie sets up the punchline by asking John what you're supposed to put in a thank-you letter. John says that he personally has no idea and never has.

Panel 8: The reason he doesn't know is that Elly always does that for him. (The obvious implication is that he let his mom do that for him when he was a kid if he did it at all.)

Summary: I'm certain that we're supposed to join Lynn's target demographic and let our outrage rest at the stop called "MEN!!! They talk big but they dump everything on their poor wives!" The problem with we fungus people snarkertroll haters is that we don't stop there. We go to places Lynn doesn't want us to like "Way to fuck up yet another teachable moment, Trash-Bag Johnny! You've just reinforced their belief that being a grown-up means not having to do bullshit you hate and also making kids do stuff you don't want to do to be a dick!"