December 25th, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

Boxing Day 2016

It would appear that we have sacrificed the "Grandma says you'll grow into the sweater strip" so that Lynn can get all preachy about how battery-operated toys are bollocks next to the imagination of an innocent child.

(Strip Number 4906, Original Publication Date, 26 December 1987)

Panel 1: We find ourselves watching Dawn asking Lizzie to lookit (sic) the doll she got fer Christmas; it's a doll that talks an' moves'er eyes an'mouth an'says ten different things.

Panel 2: Rather than feel bad that Santa was not so generous, Lizzie thwarts Dawn's attempt to high-hat her by saying that HER doll walks an'talks an'moves an'laughs an'cries an'EVERYTHING!!!

Panel 3: Impressed by this marvel, Dawn asks if she runs on batt'ries.

Panel 4: Smug Lizzie is smug when she says "NOPE! 'magination!" and turns her back on a perplexed Dawn.

Summary: Paul Jones of Saint John, NB is sick of having to type blog entries filled with apostrophes because some old bat wants children coming out of the womb speaking better English than she cares to. He's equally sick of preachy gibberish like this that panders shamelessly to people who call Liz "the daughter" because they don't care to learn her name.