November 29th, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The guy trying to sell John the car realizes that he's got himself a ripe sucker.

(Strip Number 4899, Original Publication Date, 2 December 1987)

Panel 1: The salesman points John to a vehicle called an Afterburner 600XZ. Since Lynn doesn't understand car terminology very well, gibberish about how she's fuel-injected with Turbo V6 and Flammbutz front strut suspension will have to substitute for something that tells us how the thing performs.

Panel 2: He then talks up the luxury interior, the five speed overdrive manual transmission and the lockable T-bar roof.

Panel 3: John chuckles weakly about how he's just looking when the salesman tells him to take it for a test drive.

Panel 4: He tells another salesman that he loves it when they say 'no' while actually meaning 'yes.'

Summary: Car salesmen don't get to be decent, honest people until John bankrolls Gordon....who ends up selling John and Elly all of their other cars.