November 19th, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Elly tells Mike that she doesn't want to hear him ratting Lizzie out for messing with something valuable but she doesn't really mean it.

(Strip Number 6163, Original Publication Date, 22 November 1987)

Panel 1: As Elly works on something, she's interrupted by the door slamming behind her.

Panel 2: We establish her as a woman of short temper and dim brain when she tells Mike that if he's going to slam the door, he should do so quietly.

Panel 3: We set up the stupid punchline when Mike reminds her of the ceramic cookie jar that looks like a teddy bear because Lizzie did something she shouldn't have with it.

Panel 4: Before he can warn her about the stupid thing Lizzie is doing, she wants to know if this is another 'story.'

Panel 5: Yes, it is. It's a story of how Lizzie took the damned thing outside to show off to Christopher despite being specifically told not to do anything like that. Judging by the way she's rolling her eyes up, it's a story Elly doesn't want to hear because of the feeble-mindedness I keep harping on.

Panel 6: She confirms my suspicion that she's a Grade A moron when she tells Mike that she's told him time and again that she doesn't approve of tattletales.

Panel 7: She then points at the busywork that can kind of wait when she has big, important stuff to worry about and she thus can't be asked to care about the petty doings of an insignificant child whose life is meaningless.

Panel 8: Since there's part of her that maybe realizes that what Mike has to say might be important after all, she stews in her own juices for a second.

Panel 9: Having realized that she actually has to do something about this despite it not leading to public hosannas, she asks him what happened next.

Summary: If you wanted an example of why Elly's a terrible parent, you'd find it here. Elly clearly has her priorities all wrong and it's obvious as Hell that she's going to blame Mike and Liz for her own inattention and lack of initative.
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