November 3rd, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 4 November 2016

Despite being warned not to, oafish man-child John can't resist proving Mike's point about his having to endure ridicule like a boring, ordinary person.

(Strip Number 1221, Original Publication Date, 6 November 1987)

Panel 1: The following morning, Elly finally explains the whole green face situation to John and implores him to act as if he doesn't notice.

Panel 2: As they sit down to the breakfast table, she says that she wants him to go to school so John should dummy up and act as if nothing's wrong.

Panel 3: Mike sits down wearing his sunglasses and his turtleneck pulled up over most of his face. John can't resist giggling because he's an asshole.

Panel 4: Mike asks "It's the turtleneck, isn't it?" because John can't shut up.

Summary: The interesting thing is not that John's an ass with no impulse control; the interesting thing is that seventy-year old kindergartener Lynn thinks that turtleneck is like punchline in that she insists on separating them into two words (punch line, turtle neck) to prove that she's right and the dictionaries and teachers and evil mothers who hate her and never want her to be right and smart and pretty and happy are wrong.