October 29th, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Today's strip is the first one in which Mike's attempt to be a dick to Lizzie collides with the fact that she can cold wreck his dumb ass.

(Strip Number 6711, Original Publication Date, 1 November 1987)

Panel 1: It's Halloween Night in the Sundayverse and we find Lizzie asking Mike who invented it in the first place.

Panel 2: Lynn attempts to pay tribute to her idol but having him not know for certain but suspect that Hallmark did it.

Panel 3: She sets things in motion by asking her jerk brother who gets off on messing with her if he thinks there are ghosts.

Panel 4: Since he sees an opportunity to be a smart-ass, he says there're probably some in the room right now.

Panel 5: She seems to have bought it when she asks "NOW?!"; he then says that they're all around them.

Panel 6: He then seems to frighten the shit out of her by telling him they're coming for her.

Panel 7: He gets what he wants when she screams in terror.

Panel 8: He gets what he deserves when she whaps him on the head with her toy bunny.

Panel 9: She asks a baffled Mike if she got any of'em.

Panel 10: Since she didn't run screaming to Mommy (and thus wind up getting him grounded for being a creep), he opines that they've stopped making girls the way they used to.

Summary: Lynn seems to have developed a fondness for this punchline because every so often, Mike would get gut-punched for shooting off his fat yap and being a dick to his kid sister only to make a dumb comment like this. She had to repeat the process because cement-headed Mike doesn't learn from his mistakes.