October 2nd, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 3 October 2016

Since Lizzie is seven and thus terrible at understanding what people mean when they don't spell it out exactly, she draws the wrong lesson from Elly's latest self-pitying angry lecture.

(Strip Number 4872, Original Publication Date, 5 October 1987

Panel 1: When she and Dawn get back from the park, Lizzie is confronted by Elly who starts in on her about how she was supposed to take her toys back in first. Lizzie doesn't help herself by saying she forgot.

Panel 2: This, of course, leads to an angry, self-pitying lecture about how Lizzie's attitude is that if she waits long enough, someone (meaning Elly) will do it for her.

Panel 3: Lizzie stares at the toys for a second or two.

Panel 4: Since she's terrible at understanding what people mean when they say things, she opines that she must not have waited long enough.

Summary: This is yet another reminder that Elly's problem is that like most comic strip parents of her generation, she confuses knuckle-dragging stupidity with malice. Also, Lynn seems to still not have picked up on the fact that her constant wailing about what a selfish, hateful burden her children are might be why they got picked on.