October 1st, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 2 October 2016

In today's tribute to corded phones and domestic turbulence, Lizzie spends so much time trying to get Mike to let her use the phone, she forgot who she wanted to speak to.

(Strip Number 7249, Original Publication Date, 4 October 1987)

Panel 1: As Mike starts to phone someone, Lizzie comes along and says that she wants it.

Panel 2: He reminds her that he got there first. Since he has a defective memory, he doesn't realize that this isn't going to matter.

Panel 3: It would seem that the vital conversation Mike is having is trading insults with another boy. Since Lizzie doesn't see the point of this, she begs to use the phone.

Panel 4: As he continues with his rankout session, Lizzie tells him that it's her turn to use the phone now.

Panel 5: She grabs onto the handset and begs to use the phone now.

Panel 6: When Mike tries to play keep-away with the phone, Lizzie goes for the nuclear option when she says she's going to rat him out to Elly so she can nail him.

Panel 7: Since he has a functioning memory of all of the other times she did just that and he did get it from an unsympathetic and inflexible mother, he's super surly when he hangs up the phone.

Panel 8: Mike asks Lizzie who it is that she HAS to call in such a great big hurry.

Panel 9: Lizzie looks at the phone with a confused and awkward look on her face.

Panel 10: When Lizzie tells him that she forgot who she wanted to call, Mike is baffled.

Summary: We should probably expect notes saying that this actually happened because stuff like this happened all the damned time back before every person ever wound up with a mobile phone.