September 4th, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

Labor Day 2016

We begin an arc in which we see how Mrs Baird is settling in with John making a mildly corny observation about how the Pattersons are all Thelma's really got in the world.

(Strip Number 4857, Original Publication Date, 7 September 1987)

Panel 1: When John asks Elly where she's going with that bundle she's carrying, she tells him that she's going to visit Mrs Baird at the nursing home.

Panel 2: She then states that she's dropping off some baking, pictures of Mike and Lizzie and the like to cheer her up.

Panel 3: As she heads towards the car, Elly tells John that she's worried about Mrs Baird because she doesn't really have what you'd call a family.

Panel 4: John's response is to must that sometimes, you don't have to be related to be 'family'.

Summary: This is pretty much the case here. As we'll see next June, Elly is the closest thing to a daughter Thelma ever had and is stuck doing a daughter's job: helping to arrange her 'mother's' memorial service and burial.