August 20th, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Today is perhaps one of the last strips wherein Elly is allowed to have flaws. This is because she cannot seem to figure out that the reason John doesn't like to help out around the house is that she goes nuts whenever he does it his own way.

(Strip Number 6707, Original Publication Date, 23 August 1987)

Panel 1: We start things off with John asking Elly if he wants her to make a pot of tea. She agrees.

Panel 2: She sets the tenor for the strip by telling him that she doesn't want him to use the teapot he's holding.

Panel 3: The strip proper starts with her lecturing him like a big idiot about how she wants him to load the dishwasher her way.

Panel 4: She then grouses about how he could at least tidy up the counter after he's done with the dishes.

Panel 5: But he can't use the cloth he has in his hand.

Panel 6: He reaches his breaking point when told to put leftovers in a container instead of wrapping them in plastic cling film.

Panel 7: Since he knows he'll lose any argument that has as its basis the phrase 'What's the difference', he hands her the apron and tells her that he'll leave the rest up to her.

Panel 8: Later on, she sighs and tells Annie that John is the sweetest man on Earth as an opening for a complaint about him.

Panel 9: The complaint she wants to make is that for some reason that she doesn't understand, he absolutely hates to help out with the housework.

Summary: In Elly's defense, she doesn't seem to understand that she comes across as a geyser of pious noise about how not doing chores exactly her way will invite chaos, the heat death of the Universe and her mother teleporting in to tell her how ashamed she is of her. To condemn Elly, it must be noted that her belief that children and husbands are doing things 'wrong' to make more thankless work for her and her constant bellowing about how housework is slavery is why children and husbands are loathe to to help out.