July 15th, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 16 July 2016

We end the week with Mike realizing that he's been made and asking for divine protection from what turns out to be his own blasted stupidity.

(Strip Number 1176, Original Publication Date, 18 July 1987)

Panel 1: As the boys climb down the tree, a panicked-looking Darryl notes that he's never spied on a girl's bedroom before.

Panel 2: Mike tells them to get down out of the tree before anyone sees them being idiots.

Panel 3: It turns out that this warning is too late as Molly is at the base of the tree with mayhem on her mind; Mike's discovery of this fact leaves us smelling soiled baby diaper.

Panel 4: Realizing that he's going to have his ass kicked for him, Mike asks if any of his friends know the Lord's Prayer.

Summary: Is there a prayer that cures stupidity? I doubt it because not only does he not learn anything from this, the reason he gets into as much trouble as he does is that he reminds Molly to tell his parents what he did. Everyone else has the guts to fess up but since the Pattersons don't keep track of their kids, other people have to do it for them.