July 2nd, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Mike's playing being an aggressive, selfish maniac idiot driver venting his frustrations by endangering lives unsettles John when his son can't wait to get on the road and bomb through crosswalks like a God-damned lunatic.

(Strip Number 6664, Original Publication Date, 5 July 1987)

Panel 1: As John settles down to read the paper in the background, we see Mike carrying a box of toy cars.

Panel 2: We get a hint as to what the theme of the strip might be when he violently dumps the cars out without noticing the effect he has on others. This is depicted by having John be jarred out of his seat.

Panel 3: He enthusiastically play-acts bombing down the 401 at twice the speed limit like a total maniac.

Panel 4: He delights in pretending to have a near-miss.

Panel 5: When he acts out his desire to slam into someone like a lunatic, he has a giddy smile soldered onto his face.

Panel 6: He returns to delighting in terrifying near-misses.

Panel 7: He then "speeds" away from the automotive carnage he brainlessly left in his wake.

Panel 8: Since John can think, it horrifies him to realize that someone as reckless and devoid of empathy as Mike cannot wait to drive around and cause mayhem.

Summary: While Mike doesn't grow up into an aggressive asshole driver, he becomes something just as bad: an easily distracted driver who ends up missing exits and not noticing signs that tell him how much he has to pay parking lot attendants.