June 28th, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

When Lawrence tries to remind Molly that Greg is just as guilty (if not more) of moving them to Milborough as Connie is, Molly comments on how her dad is never around when she's angry enough to complain about things.

(Strip Number 4827, Original Publication Date, 1 July 1987)

Panel 1: Having noticed his mother's wailing about wild animals and rejection, Lawrence angrily asks Molly if she was dumping on her again. She defiantly confirms this.

Panel 2: Molly blames Connie for having to move; they didn't HAVE to move away from her forever love but Connie steamrolled her dad into agreeing to move away.

Panel 3: Lawrence points out it was her dad who got promoted and wanted to move so she should dump on him too.

Panel 4: Molly gets sort of wistful as she complains that he's never around when she needs to vent.

Summary: This means that we can sing the ballad of Brave Sir Greg: "When conflict reared its ugly head/he bravely turned his tail and fled!" It also means that Connie has being made a wicked stepmother thrust upon her by a stupid man who hates having to defend a stupid position. Given that she's a dimwitted flake, she still doesn't realize it.