June 25th, 2016

Indignant Candiru

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Today, Lynn subverts her mentor's "underaged debate club" concept by mutating a discussion about when life begins into more harsher-in-hindsight wailing about how put-upon Elly is and how she has noooo help and noooo time to herself and is stuck against her will with horrible life-draining children who spread CHAOS because they hate her.

(Strip Number 6705, Original Publication Date, 28 June 1987)

Panel 1: We start things off with Gordon, Lawrence and Brian arguing about something as a silhouette approaches them. Gordon is firm in his position while the other two do not believe him.

Panel 2: Said silhouette turns out to be Michael who asks them what they're arguing about.

Panel 3: What they're arguing about is when life begins. Gord reports that his mother believes it begins at conception.

Panel 4: Lawrence states that his mom says that life begins when the baby is born.

Panel 5: Since Brian says that life begins when the baby starts to look and act like one without quoting his mother as an authority figure, it's likely that he's quoting his cartoonist as one.

Panel 6: Since they're at a stalemate, they tell Mike to ask his mother when she thinks life begins.

Panel 7: He goes in to ask Elly when Life begins.

Panel 8: When he comes back out, they ask him when his mother thinks life begins.

Panel 9: He says that she hopes that it begins at forty.

Summary: Yuck. Just.....yuck. As if we needed another reminder that Elly pure-D HATES being a mother to small children. Too bad for her and for all of us and especially for the Martian, her "life" begins when she's sixty. Also, don't look for her to admit that she really frakked up and got a shit-load of hate mail for shoving people's noses in the abortion mess.