June 21st, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Lawrence explains why it is that Molly is acting up in a manner that makes her look like a flake.

(Strip Number 4823, Original Publication Date, 24 June 1987)

Panel 1: Mike joins Molly and Gayle in viewing life as a fairy-tale by trying to commiserate with Lawrence about having two ugly step-sisters. Lawrence defends them sort of by saying that they're not so bad.

Panel 2: What happens to be wrong with Molly is that she had to leave her boyfriend behind and she isn't dealing with it as well as old people who've forgotten what it was like to be young had hoped.

Panel 3: She cried all the way to the town of Marathon and wouldn't even have lunch at the truck stop because her eyes were red.

Panel 4: When Mike asks why that's a problem. Lawrence makes a snotty comment about how girls have to look good at truck stops. (Since Mike's an idiot, he doesn't realize that Lawrence has just called his step-sisters morally loose.)

Summary: Lawrence is about to prove himself to be another one of the things that stink about Milborough. He already thinks Molly's feelings are a joke and that she's a tramp who'll give it up for chewing gum but he's about to get himself a posse of scruffy little boys to torment her with.