May 21st, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 22 May 2016

In today's strip, we are encouraged to think terrible thoughts about a frightened dog because Elly regards being mildly inconvenienced as rather more heinous than a war crime or something.

(Strip Number 6702, Original Publication Date, 24 May 1987)

Panel 1: As Elly gets ready to take the car out for some sort of outing, she's mildly angered that Farley bounds into the car before she can close the door.

Panel 2: She gracelessly tells him that he can come along with her.

Panel 3: As she pays the attendant for whatever she's about to do, Elly tells Farley to hang on because this won't take a minute.

Panel 4: It appears that we are in a car wash. Given that Farley makes a panicky-sounding "AWK" noise when the machinery starts and given that we understand how dogs react to things, it's obvious as all Hell to US that we're in for "dog terrified of vacuum cleaner" on steroids. Given that Elly's smiling and that she will die not understanding dogs, she doesn't realize what she's in for.

Panel 5: His panicked howling and crawling all over her soon teach her what she's in for as she tells him to get off of her.

Panel 6: She tells him to cut out the howling and clawing at the door in order to escape the horrible place of scary noise.

Panel 7: She then tells a terrified dog to calm down in the expectation that it might actually work.

Panel 8: When she gets home, a freaked-out John looks at a bedraggled Elly and asks her what happened.

Panel 9: Rage-Goblin Elly thinks terrible thoughts about Farley when she says to never take a dog through a car wash.

Summary: The problem with making it all Farley's fault because dogs are stupid and deserve to be smacked around is that we see that it's Elly's fault for not shooing him out of the car and for assuming that she could lecture him into not acting like a dog.