April 24th, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 25 April 2016

While we're supposed to think that Lizzie isn't really ready for the pain earrings cause, we have to remember that Elly tends to forget her own strength.

(Strip Number 1146, Original Publication Date, 27 April 1987)

Panel 1: We find ourselves watching Elly fighting with Elizabeth while trying to clean her new earring piercings; while it's true that Lizzie should maybe not fidget so much and that piercings do hurt, there's an extraneous factor Elly never seems to acknowledge that adds to the pain: the fact that Elly is applying a harsh antiseptic on a cotton ball instead of saline on a Q-tip. In this case, more is not better.

Panel 2: As sore-eared and miserable Lizzie walks by, John asks how the ear-piercing went and if they succeeded in making her more beautiful.

Panel 3: He allows as how the earrings look pretty.

Panel 4: The problem is that she'll have to do something about the pouting, angry and frustrated expression on her face.

Summary: We're clearly going for an "Elly was right and her foolish child should have waited until Ellyshe was old enough to handle this" thing here. The problem is that Lynn doesn't remember the strips that have Elly forget her own strength; this gives snarkertrolls an opening to assume that Elly's idea of a gentle cleansing in order to prevent infection feels as if she's trying to see if Lizzie's ears detach.
Snarky Candiru2

Lynn and the novel that will never be.

The latest 'Ask the Artist' thing is all about that novel Lynn vaguely alluded to wanting to write straight from the horse's arse.

As expected, it's a self-aggrandizing grab-bag of weak ideas, blithering about muses and how the characters talk to her and pleading the question via the side issue of having time and isolation enough to effectively enter the fake, stupid, no-way creative trance of turning out inferior material:

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Oh, yes. I forgot to mention that she thinks she had a good ending to Foob: Liz blithely tossing away what little remained of her personality in order to please her idiot parents.