April 1st, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 2 April 2016: Entire male population of Milborough is babies.

It would seem that John is far from alone in having a stupid, stupid, STUPID reason to equate taking ballroom dancing class with being castrated by pneumatic tree shears.

(Strip Number 4790, Original Publication Date, 4 April 1987)

Panel 1: Now that we're at the Dreaded Dance Class Of Being Reminded That We're The Same Decaying Organic Matter As Everyone Else, we find ourselves watching the husbands and wives having very different reactions to the instructor's claim that the object is to have fun. This because the wives are all happy to be there, but the husbands all look doomed and sad because of a reason that's even stupider than the memory of embarrassment.

Summary: It's not bad enough that we have men cast as lumpish, peevish jerkwads who want to begrudge their wives nice things because they might get inconvenienced. The rock-stupid reason they feel injured has to do with the fact that they really don't get how long it takes and how much work the girls had to put in to go from drab to fab.