March 29th, 2016

Angry Candiru

Wednesday, 30 March 2016: Cry, BABY!!!! CRY!!!!!!!!!

For the stupid reason I alluded to yesterday, John would prefer death to doing something nice for Elly.

(Strip Number 4789, Original Publication Date, 1 April 1987)

Panel 1: John asks Jean what the tickets she just handed him are for. She tells him that they're two passes for the dance class.

Panel 2: With her and her husband's membership, she gets to invite two other people for free.

Panel 3: She then points out that he and Elly have an anniversary coming up soon and it would be really romantic if he could surprise her like this.

Panel 4: He stuns her by wailing that he'd rather die first.

Summary: Yeah. That's a really reasonable reaction to being asked to do something nice for someone. What the Hell did Rod do THIS time that he's represented as a whiny pinhead who lets the memory of Patsy O'Connor make him into the Abominable No-Man?