March 28th, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

For a reason that will end up being really pathetic and stupid, John is terrified that Elly will find out that Jean's husband got her ballroom dancing lessons for her birthday.

(Strip Number 1129, Original Publication Date, 31 March 1987)

Panel 1: At the clinic, Jean tells John about the wonderful present she got for her birthday.

Panel 2: To his displeasure, said 'present' is that her husband signed them up for ballroom dance lessons.

Panel 3: In response, John asks her for a favor.

Panel 4: She's taken aback when he desperately begs her not to tell his wife, otherwise he might have to do the same.

Summary: I might as well just tell you what John's deal is right now. For some reason, he and the other husbands are still crying about having to be awkward teenagers who didn't have everything go their way like they expected. It's creeping Les Mooreism, that's what it is. Remember how outraged the ass was when Mike found out about his childhood nickname? Same damned deal because the stupid jerk lives in fear of being seen as the same decaying organic matter as everyone else.