March 26th, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

Easter Sunday 2016

We have a mildly amusing Easter strip in which a minister proves that church people can be human too.

(Strip Number 6701, Original Publication Date, 19 April 1987)

Panel 1: We find the Pattersons at Easter Services taking their seats. As they do so, Lizzie expresses a desire to sit at the end of the pew so she can see.

Panel 2: What she seems to want to see is if the minister is looking in her general direction.

Panel 3: The service begins with the minister starting to say that it is with gladness in our hearts that we come hear on Easter Sunday onto to be interrupted by the crackling of a cellophane candy wrapper. Since we see the top of Elly's head looking mortified, I guess we know what Lizzie wanted to hide.

Panel 4: As he tries to continue on, Lizzie continues to unwrap candy because she was raised wrong.

Panel 5: The minister starts walking towards the source of the disruption.

Panel 6: He comes up to Lizzie and bids her hand over the bag of goodies.

Panel 7: He takes the bag away to fish around in it.

Panel 8: He then hands it back to a mortified Lizzie who's just realized that she's done something not quite right.

Panel 9: As he walks back to the altar, he declares to his amused flock that he gets the red ones.

Summary: This, sadly, is the future of Easter strips. We don't get pandering, we get comedic blasphemy and candy worship like this.